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Anbernic RG353V/353VS Pre-Sale Discount To October 6

  The Anbernic RG353V/353VS pre-order sale is still going on until October 6, 2022. The devices are expected to ship out starting mid-October in order of who reserved first to last for each option. Both devices are currently at an $8 discount for pre-orders.   *Update 9/30: It does look like there are some QA issues with early review devices where the screen is obviously misaligned. No clue if this will be an issue with regular orders or not and it doesn't look like every review device has it but it's something to keep an eye on. A misaligned screen would drive me insane. Probably an easy DIY fix though. Reviews are starting to show up on the device and seem mostly positive.  The 353V and 353VS can be ordered from . *Disclosure: This is a referral link where I will benefit from any purchases made. Support is appreciated using this link but not necessary.  Non-referral link where I don't benefit: First reviewer previe

Anbernic RG353V/RG353VS Video [Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow]

 *Update: The RG353VS starts at $89.99 and the RG353V starts at $112.99. The device should start shipping out mid-October. The price on both options I think is great!  The price on these really sets the stage for a great price on the upcoming "Anbernic Mini" too!  It looks the the Anbernic RG353V and RG353VS are set to launch soon. Pre-orders for both models start tomorrow on .  The unusual move by Anbernic to offer a version that does not have dual microSD Slots (no dual boot), half the RAM, and no touch-screen which could be beneficial for some people who don't care about those three features who are looking to save a few dollars... There is a "Buy Now" option on the Anbernic site at the moment but it will not be live until tomorrow.