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Anbernic RG353P Release Date: June 18, 2022

  Anbernic RG353P (Release [Or Pre-Order]: June 18) Price: $129.99 + ($139.99 after June 18) Pre-Sale Link (Live on June 18): If all goes as planned, the RG353P which closely resembles the PocketGo S30 shell should be available for purchase on June 18.  The likely first dropping spot is and the Official Anbernic Store on AliExpress.  I'll likely sit this device out a little while as I'm hoping Anbernic will eventually drop the 353V (Vertical). There's no official word about that news so that is just a Speculative guess from me that they are likely to drop a new vertical soon.  From a power standpoint, the 353P should be a little better than the RG503 due to community developers having more time with it prior to release and having 2GB RAM instead of the 1GB on the 503. If optimized, the 353P should be able to handle up to PSP decently but it will not outperform the $99 Retroid Pocket 2 Plus. The 353P unlike the 503