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Anbernic RG351V Hanging on 0% Save State and Crashing (Stock Firmware) Semi-Fix

Update to the problem below courtesy an easy but overlooked fix brought up in the Reddit forums. It was as simple as running all the resets in the Danger Zone settings. Now saves games fine on the external. *There are reports of losing files this way and issues I didn't have so make sure to make a backup of the stock SD image before trying this.  I'm enjoying the day I've had with the RG-351V so far but have run into some issues with the stock firmware so far. I like to test everything out on the stock setup before moving over to custom firmwares.  One issue I came across was when attempting to save state in games is the save state would hang at 0% and then crash the system as soon soon as you close content and exit RetroArch (particularly with GBA).  In game saves would also not take.  What I discovered was that this only occurs when running games off the external micro SD slot. If you run everything including all ROMs off the internal, that issue g