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RG351V: SEGA CD Emulation Settings For The Screen

RG351V SEGA CD Settings  (Stock Firmware)  Other Systems: TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine This post's intended audience is newcomers to Anbernic devices. If you are an emulation veteran and used a 351P/M before there's probably not much here for you. If I had to grade SEGA CD performance on the 351V using optimized setting it would get a 9/10 score from me.  Out of the box with no adjustments at all to the settings, SEGA CD runs a little funky on the 351V but that can all be adjusted easily. In general on a tiny screen I generally avoid using shades (personal preference) but using one is almost necessary particularly for games like Batman Returns in the driving sequences. There are multiple ways to adjust settings but the easiest and most reliable way is to just go to PER SYSYEM ADVANCED CONFIGURATION and set up custom options for every system.  The settings I use: MAIN MENU>GAME SETTINGS>PER SYSTEM ADVANCED CONFIGURATION>SEGA CD Emulator- Auto Your opt