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Removing ._ Prefix (Mac) Files From RG351V or Other Devices

One of the most annoying aspects of transferring ROMs from a Mac to SD/Micro SD on a retro handheld device like the RG351V is the ._ prefix files that show up for every game making organizing quite a bit harder. In essence these are blank invisible files used by Macs for QuickLook. Unfortunately on a lot of Linux based SBCs and even on Abdroid devices, they show up as files in your list.  The long way of eliminating these files that dies work is to mount the SD card to your Mac and load up Terminal.  In Terminal, type cd ( space after cd and drag folder with roms into terminal for the path and hit Return ) ls-al (Hit Return )  rm ._* (Hit Return )  exit (Hit Return ) That's all there is to it but you'll have to repeat this process for every folder that has ROMs in it. It's still a lot easier than manually removing each file onboard the 351V which would take forever if you have a lot of files. It can be done on board for low numbers of files simply by highl

RG351V: New SakuraRetroModding Themes

Looks like SakuraRetroModding has added some new options to the RG351V modding face-lifts available.  I have ordered twice from the SRM store on Etsy and have been impressed with the quality, packaging, marketing, etc. You are definitely definitely getting a quality product with a lot of nice touches to the transaction. It looks like I might have to place another order soon. Check out the store at the link below.

351Elec Now Available For The 351V

*Update 4/5/21* So far WiFi doesn't work worth the RG351V using the latest 351ELEC and RetroArch has issues. I imagine things will be ironed out pretty soon though.  Pretty big news on the RG351V front with Anbernic finally releasing the source code for the 351V to developers. We should see a lot of rapid developments because of that. 351ELEC  is now an optional Firmware choice for the 351V.  I can't wait to experiment around with this throughout the week.  Not releasing source codes on these devices makes life and work harder for independent developers so it's great to see Anbernic did the right thing here!  Check out the info here: Excellent find by Retro Game Corps . 

Early Look at the RG351V by Taki Udon on YouTube

The first early look from someone not Anbernic at the Anbernic RG351V comes from Taki Yudon on YouTube.  Pretty interesting in-depth look at the new handheld. I ordered one on Saturday so will just be waiting to get my hands on it. Personally I think this will end up being king of the RK3326 handhelds and at this point there are a lot of them. I love the form factor, the proper 4:3 screen and the dual micro SD slots. In my opinion, dual slots should be standard on these devices at this points. Single slots are harder to develop for and less convenient for loading up ROMs.  The main negative with the 351V is the mono speaker. At the price of $108.99 stereo sound should have been an option.  All in all this will be a nice replacement for the RG300 which now sells for an average price of $49.99.  Video link below:

Official Debut of RG351V

The "official" unveiling on the RG351V was posted by Anbernic earlier. Sales will go live on March 1st.  The return to a proper 4:3 aspect ratio for retro gaming and Dual SD card slots is a big selling point. Not sure what the cost will be yet... RG351V

New RG351V Ad Photos Appear on Amazon

Anbernic should be releasing the RG351V within a few weeks. We already know 3 colors will be available. A few ads here and there have been popping up for the console although there's no price yet and it's not for sale. Someone pointed out the Amazon link in Discord but I decided to not post the link here as the description includes wrong spec info.  Either way it's nice to see more marketing material appear for this highly anticipated vertical console. I definitely like the look and the more appropriate 4:3 screen. It appears to be the same screen that is on the 350M. I wish the left thumbstick had been placed a little further to the right design-wise but everything else looks pretty good.  The photos appearing on Amazon show the wood grain style and the grey models. Hopefully I can get my hands on one soon.  

Anbernic RG351V Video (YouTube)

More videos keep appearing for the upcoming RG351V from Anbernic. Between this and the GameForce I'm definitely pretty exited about the next few weeks. Still sounds like the 351V (Vertical) will start shipping out in March. Not a lot to see in this video but the screen looks nice.

New RG351V Video From Anbernic

Another YouTube video has surfaced showing 3 color options for the RG351V. It looks like the 351V will become available sometime in March.  Hit the link below for the video.

RG351V Video Has Surfaced

Hit the link below for the first video of the RG351V. People seem to have mixed opinions about the wood grain look but I like it. I'm sure the final consumer version when it hits the market will look different.

Anbernic RG351V In Production?

I've only heard rumors that the RG351V (Vertical) was in the works via vague rumors but nothing solid.  Russ from Retro Game Corps  just posted some images on Facebook he discovered. It looks great with the 4:3 aspect ratio. Definitely an improvement on the 351P/M for retro gaming. Hopefully it comes WiFi ready with other improvements.  I assume Anbernic will be making announcements soon.  *Updated Info:  Specs: (From RGC) RK3326CPU 640x480IPS fully fits 3.5-inch 4:3 screen Dual RL12, dual OTG interface Dual TF card (internal card storage system, external card storage game) Built-in WIFI 3900~4000mAh polymer lithium battery

Anbernic RG351V in Pre Production?

 Starting to sound like it the rumors of a new RG351 Vertical have started appearing. Sounds like it might be like the RG300 in shape and size with a 3.5 inch 640x480 screen, and dual SD slots. There’s no confirmed information on this so this can be filed as an unconfirmed rumor for the moment.