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The End of ArkOS on the RG351P/RG351M Has Arrived

It has been a pretty interesting ride with ArkOS lately. Last month we were under the impression that ArkOS would not be supporting the RG351V but that has all been reversed and ArkOS is supporting the system now.  I do have to say I'm very thankful for the hard work put into ArkOS as the stock firmware on these type of systems are almost always limited in capabilities and performance. As far as firmware options go on the 351P/M, at this point I'd say ArkOS slowly became my favorite option over time. The final version has been released for the 351P/M and that will be the end of updates. I haven't put in a ton of time with this final release yet (Only a few hours) so I don't have a definitive opinion formed on it yet but it's looking good.    If you need help installing the final update, check out the excellent guide from Retro Game Corps at the YouTube link below:  https://you