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RG-351V Emulation Performance Notes (Stock Firmware)

*Note: this post is from my initial impressions not definitive analysis* I have put the RG-351V from Anbernic through a gauntlet of emulation testing and can say I'm very pleased with this system even using the stock setup. This will only get better from here as custom firmware options increase... These are my semi-arbitrary 0-10 scale opinions of emulation performance with notes below the lists:  Scores Based on Experience with stock firmware and available settings tweaks with that.   Game Boy 10/10 Game Boy Color 10/10 Game Boy Advance 9/10* Virtual Boy 7/10 Game & Watch 9/10 Nintendo DS - 5/10* NES - 10/10 Famicon Disk System 10/10 SNES - 10/10 N64 - 6/10* (Nintendo DS performance isn't too bad honestly but the ugly slapped togetter version of DraStic ruins the experience. N64 Emulation is very hit or miss. If I was in it just for single screen DS emulation or 64 in this price range the Retroid Pocket 2 is still the budget answer for those)... (Despite not be