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Hidden Gem: Tricky Kick (TG16)

I stumbled across a unique and somewhat bizarre TurboGrafx-16 puzzler called 'Tricky Kick' (Turbo Chip) recently. I vaguely recall watching people play it back in the day. The game was developed by Alpha System and published by Information Global Service for the NEC TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine in 1990/1991.  What first appears to just be a goofy poorly translated PC Engine game quickly turns into a fairly challenging puzzle game. While obviously a translated game for whatever reason the North American version came out in 1990 and the Japsnese version was released in 1991.  In essence it's a pretty basic match 2 puzzle game where you move animals or monsters (by kicking them) in straight lines navigating obstacles until you figure out a way to match them which removes the pair from the board. I don't think the premise of kicking animals around the forest would go over too well nowadays and shouldn't but the game is fun if you ignor