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PowKiddy X28 Specs [Anticipated]

*Updated August 12, 2022*  The PowKiddy X28 is expected to be released Q3 or Q4 of 2022. Specs are mostly Speculative at this point and may change prior to release. Currently only some specs are known... PowKiddy X28 (photo from Sonic Love) Anticipated PowKiddy X28 Specs:  Manufacturer: PowKiddy Release Date: Fall 2022?  OS: Android 11 Emulation Performance: Should Handle Up to PSP/Dreamcast With Few Issues. PS2/GameCube May Be Possible.  SoC: UNISOC Tiger T618 CPU: Cortex-A75 (2x), Cortex-A55 (6x) CPU Cores: 8 CPU Threads: 8 CPU Clock: 1.8-2.0 GHz Architecture: ARM  GPU: Mali-G52 MP2 GPU Clock: 850 MHz RAM: 4GB LPDDR4X Screen: 16:9 Aspect 5.5" IPS Touch-Screen 1280x720 Resolution (267.02 PPI) w/Tempered Glass Lens Battery: 5000 mAh Cooling: Ventilation, Maybe a Fan  Shoulder Buttons: 4 Stacked Shoulders Shell Material: Plastic

PowKiddy RGB20S Has Been Released

  The PowKiddy RGB20S has released but I'm going to safely assume that it's a bit of a downgrade from the original RGB20 just like the RGB10S was an uninspired slapped together upgrade that was really a step backwards.  I was going to do a review on the RGB10S but it's such an underwhelming experience, I decided to not even bother with it. It's basically just going to sit on my shelf permanently.   $79.99 isn't necessarily a terrible price for this one but you can do better at that that price point today. Just from photos,  the RGB20S looks like a poor design with buttons and sticks too close to each other to be comfortable and the build quality looks to be pretty cheap too.. possibly worse than the RGB20 build quality.  Regardless, the RGB20S gets a hard pass from me. 

Two Best Under $60 Micro Retro Game Handheld Options

 The market is packed full of "cheap" handhelds, but there aren't many under $60 that are actually good. Two that stick far out of the crowd are the PowKiddy V90 (I have three of them) and the Miyoo Mini (I only have 2 for now). Your best option for ordering either of these at a reasonable price is from the official PowKiddy and Miyoo stores on AliExpress. There are two new versions of the Mini coming out soon as well (translucent blue and translucent black).  Miyoo Mini  The Miyoo Mini sells for between $50 and $60 on average and is well worth the price. The ergonomic design has a premium feel and good for long gaming seasons which is unusual for a handheld this small. Flashing CFW on the Mini is essential and not the most user friendly process so I can only highly recommend this device to people who are fluent in firmware flashing processes or willing to read directions and learn.  My Miyoo Mini Review (Hasn't Been Updated for the latest OnionOS): https://www.retrok

Ordered A PowKiddy RGB10S...

  Against my better judgement, I went ahead and ordered a PowKiddy RGB10S. The price isn't too bad and despite being yet another RK3326 device,  I haven't reviewed a handheld in a while so figured a sub $100 roll of the dice wouldn't be that bad of an idea.  I don't expect many surprises with this one being another very familiar RK3326 SoC. I guess build quality will be my main mystery. Hopefully I'll have it in hand by April to post my thoughts. 

PowKiddy RGB10S: Just Another RK3326 Retro Handheld...

 I can't speak for everyone,  but I don't see any need for yet another RK3326 device, but we are definitely getting another one in April with the PowKiddy RGB10S.  It's a little more pocket friendly than the other RGB10 variants (having only one thumb-stick) but I don't see much purpose in continuing with RK3326 devices which have already oversaturated the market. The RGB10S could be a good RG351V alternative for people who don't like vertical handhelds or are new to scene.  Regardless, I don't have much personal interest in this handheld, but we'll see how it looks when it comes out... Click Image for Retro Dodo write-Up

[Updated] Top 5 Budget Retro Handhelds for Gameboy Advance (GBA) Emulation

[Originally Posted on December 26, 2020.. RP2 dropped from List. RP2+ Added. RG280V Removed. RG351V Added. Images Updated.] If you are in the market for a retro handheld (ROM player), there are tons of options.  I f you are looking for a budget priced retro handheld that's specifically good at playing Gameboy Advance (GBA) ROMs here's the 5 I think are excellent options:  #1 Retroid Pocket 2 Plus $99 RP2+ The Retroid Pocket 2 Plus is another excellent option for GBA. Unlike the original RP2, the RP2+ is easy to set up which is why it's now my Top Pick for GBA play.  Retroid Pocket 2 Plus Review  #2 RG351P $80-$90 RG351P I'm not the biggest fan of the RG351P but the screen aspect is absolutely perfect for GBA games and they look better without filters on the RG351P than the other options.  Its a well built console that's perfect for on the go. The interface is simple and doesn't require a lot of knowledge like some systems.  #3 RG351V $100-$120 RG351V Despite hav

PowKiddy X39 (New Release Handheld)

It looks like PowKiddy dropped yet another handheld yesterday,  the X39 for $44.99. The price seems "all right" for the potential performance but it doesn't make much sense to have a wide screen (16:9) on a handheld that's mostly geared toward 8 and 16-bit gaming.  After the disaster that was the PowKiddy A30, my interest in this one is pretty much non-existent.  The button layout with this one doesn't look too great and I wouldn't expect build quality to be any good. It looks cheaply built in the photos, so it's going to look worse in person. I guess you could say my faith in PowKiddy is pretty minimal. I plan to keep an eye on any info that comes up with this one though... If you feel like a big gamble or just don't care,  you can buy it here:

PowKiddy A30 Review

PowKiddy A30 Review Ordered: December 1 2021 Received: December 11 2021 Price Paid: $53.48 including shipping (free) + taxes on AliExpress. Overall Score: 4/10 (Stock Setup) The PowKiddy looks cool and has a fun Game Boy Advance retro aesthetic, but that's about it. Anyone hoping for an improvement over the TrimUI Model S (PowKiddy A66) will likely be disappointed unless custom OS workarounds become available. The result is a handheld that looks "ok" but functionality is pretty limited.  The saddest part about the PowKiddy A30 is that it looks good and wasn't that far away from being a good buy. PowKiddy seems to just crank out handheld after handheld but doesn't take the time to make them good... The Good   πŸ‘It looks nice, so makes for a decent shelf collectable.  πŸ‘For a near Micro-sized handheld, it's still a comfortable size for extended sessions.  T

PowKiddy Q36 Mini Marketing Photos

The PowKiddy Q36 Mini came out the other day. On paper it's powerful enough to run "most" PS1 (PSX) games well and is on the tiny size of micro handhelds. $59.99 placing it firmly in the budget realm.  Using Open Dingux as the OS is really the only thing that makes this an interesting option considering we are currently in the middle of a wave of mostly Android handhelds.  US $59.99  30%OFF | POWKIDDY NEW Q36 Mini 1.5 Inch Ips Screen Open Source Handheld Game players Keychain Mini Console Children's Gifts Personally, I have no interest in this one at that price given that the size makes it's hard to use with big hands. PowKiddy is not known for build quality as well, so I  think you can do better for less money, but this is still a semi-interesting micro handheld option. From the video,  it doesn't look like a high quality build.  Here are the official marketing photos from PowKiddy: 

PowKiddy A30: Buy or Pass?

I'm filing this handheld under the "Wait and See" category. Recommending to Buy or Pass will heavily depend on whether we get a community developed workaround when it comes to the highly flawed TrimUI firmware. At the moment the best place to purchase this retro handheld is on the official PowKiddy store on AliExpress: The PowKiddy A30 has been available for purchase in the West for about a week now. For under $50 with the classic GBA aesthetic in Micro size, it's still a tempting purchase... PowKiddy A30 The main problem with this retro handheld is that it is basically a TrimUI Model S (PowKiddy A66) in a different shell including the horrible stock TrimUI firmware.  With Stock firmware, I was not a fan of the TrimUI Model S at all. However, with Shaun Inman's 'MinUI' custom launcher,  the handheld was drastically improved.  My Review of the TrimUI Model S: https://www.retrokezi

PowKiddy: Upcoming Handhelds

My favorite PowKiddy devices are the PowKiddy V90 and RGB20 although both are flawed. The V90 I liked for the design and low price. The RGB20 had a great design and a phenomenal screen but shabby build quality. I have heard a lot of good things about the PowKiddy RGB10 Max 2 although I haven't tried it. For the most part, I never really feel fully satisfied with PowKiddy products, but might get surprised one day if they keep improving... Their most recent device, the PowKiddy X18S, seems to have very mixed reviews from the community so far (mostly negative) with a range of complaints and compliments. The d-pad and face button quality seems to be a deal breaker for some... What's Around The Corner For PowKiddy?  I do know PowKiddy seems to always have something in development and hopefully at some point they get more away from cloning designs to developing more unique things at some point. They currently have three handhelds in the works that I know of... PowKiddy A20 (November?

PowKiddy RGB10 Max at $119.99: Buy or Pass?

The RGB10 Max is interesting and from photos the build quality looks OK but I think I'm going to pass on it for now... Too many RK3326 chip devices already in my collection and the screen size here isn't very optimal for most Vintage/Retro systems. It would be one thing if the RK3326 chip ran PSP games really well but they only run some PSP games decently.  Spec-wise and looks-wise the RGB10 Max is mainly an Odroid Go Super Clone. It will be interesting to see how much of a clone it is and if it will run custom OGS firmwares. My guess is that it will. I think if I find one in the future for under $100 I'd probably consider picking one up. Instead of an OGS clone, I wish PowKiddy had upgraded the RGB20 instead. Prices right now start at $119.99 for the RGB20 Max on AliExpress.