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PowKiddy X39 (New Release Handheld)

It looks like PowKiddy dropped yet another handheld yesterday,  the X39 for $44.99. The price seems "all right" for the potential performance but it doesn't make much sense to have a wide screen (16:9) on a handheld that's mostly geared toward 8 and 16-bit gaming.  After the disaster that was the PowKiddy A30, my interest in this one is pretty much non-existent.  The button layout with this one doesn't look too great and I wouldn't expect build quality to be any good. It looks cheaply built in the photos, so it's going to look worse in person. I guess you could say my faith in PowKiddy is pretty minimal. I plan to keep an eye on any info that comes up with this one though... If you feel like a big gamble or just don't care,  you can buy it here: