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PowKiddy V2 for $29.99 (Retro Game Handheld)

What exactly is the "PowKiddy V2" that recently surfaced on AliExpress for $29.99? To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what it is. For the price and what it looks like,  this is almost guaranteed to be really bad but I simply don't know much about this handheld. From what we can see it has 6 face-buttons, a d-pad, a 3.2" screen and a microSD Slot. I'm semi-surprised at $29.99 this isn't just "built-in" games on the board. It could potentially be a low end option for Arcade gaming and Genesis emulation.  I'm not sure what OS or firmware is on this thing and at the price,  I wouldn't expect very good performance. This retro handheld is ugly and bizarre enough to be a tempting whim purchase though just to add something to the shelf if you are a collector.