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PowKiddy RGB10 Max Launching Mid April

Out of nowhere, PowKiddy sent info to Retro Dodo indicating that they have designed an upgraded version of the PowKiddy RGB 10 and are calling it the RGB 10 Max. Personally I was hoping for an upgrade to the RGB 20 but this is still interesting and unexpected news.  According to Retro Dodo's info this new 5" handheld will come in Black and Bright Orange as the color options.  Basically an Odroid Go Super Clone this is yet another RK3326 chip handheld.  If build quality is better than the original RGB10 it could still be a competitor though. I'm not too interested myself as I'm already well stocked in RK3326 devices (lol) but I'll keep an eye on this one.  Check out the article on RD for more info: