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PowKiddy Q20 Mini Review

It took about 3 weeks to receive the PowKiddy Q20 Mini from the official PowKiddy store but now have had a lot of extensive hands on time with it. I opted for the Orange model which I think looks a little better.  Overall 6.5/10 "BELOW Average" If you are looking for something very casual this might be an "ok" option but you'd better off buying something like the PowKiddy V90 or waiting for this one to drop a little in price. This handheld is not ergonomic at all for extended gaming sessions but not bad in short bursts. It's a decent option for 8-bit and 16-bit gaming. Out of the box I'd certainly recommend it for NeoGeo/Arcade gaming (horizontal games), SEGA Genesis, SMS, and PC Engine emulation. Anything else requires Custom Firmware (CFW) for a decent experience.  The Good   👍The same CFW options that work with the V90/Q90/PocketGo works with this one.  👍The screen is bright with good color