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Rumor: PowKiddy A30 Selling For Roughly $45 In China

PowKiddy A30 I've been keeping an eye out for PowKiddy A30 release info and it looks like it's already being sold in China so I suspect we'll see it soon.  It appears to run MinUI (Same as the TrimUI Model S aka PowKiddy A66) as was rumored before. I was not a big fan of the TrimUI but I did bump it up to the 7/10 score range after community developers drastically improved the experience with custom setups. The big problem with the TrimUI in the beginning if I recall right was mainly issues with the screen driver. If the A30 had a screen that works great, this could be a nice handheld if the price stays low. $45 is pretty low. If they keep it under $60 for the West I'll buy one for sure. Photo Leaks from Facebook: