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PowKiddy A30 Review

PowKiddy A30 Review Ordered: December 1 2021 Received: December 11 2021 Price Paid: $53.48 including shipping (free) + taxes on AliExpress. Overall Score: 4/10 (Stock Setup) The PowKiddy looks cool and has a fun Game Boy Advance retro aesthetic, but that's about it. Anyone hoping for an improvement over the TrimUI Model S (PowKiddy A66) will likely be disappointed unless custom OS workarounds become available. The result is a handheld that looks "ok" but functionality is pretty limited.  The saddest part about the PowKiddy A30 is that it looks good and wasn't that far away from being a good buy. PowKiddy seems to just crank out handheld after handheld but doesn't take the time to make them good... The Good   πŸ‘It looks nice, so makes for a decent shelf collectable.  πŸ‘For a near Micro-sized handheld, it's still a comfortable size for extended sessions.  T

PowKiddy A30: Buy or Pass?

I'm filing this handheld under the "Wait and See" category. Recommending to Buy or Pass will heavily depend on whether we get a community developed workaround when it comes to the highly flawed TrimUI firmware. At the moment the best place to purchase this retro handheld is on the official PowKiddy store on AliExpress: The PowKiddy A30 has been available for purchase in the West for about a week now. For under $50 with the classic GBA aesthetic in Micro size, it's still a tempting purchase... PowKiddy A30 The main problem with this retro handheld is that it is basically a TrimUI Model S (PowKiddy A66) in a different shell including the horrible stock TrimUI firmware.  With Stock firmware, I was not a fan of the TrimUI Model S at all. However, with Shaun Inman's 'MinUI' custom launcher,  the handheld was drastically improved.  My Review of the TrimUI Model S: https://www.retrokezi

Rumor: PowKiddy A30 Selling For Roughly $45 In China

PowKiddy A30 I've been keeping an eye out for PowKiddy A30 release info and it looks like it's already being sold in China so I suspect we'll see it soon.  It appears to run MinUI (Same as the TrimUI Model S aka PowKiddy A66) as was rumored before. I was not a big fan of the TrimUI but I did bump it up to the 7/10 score range after community developers drastically improved the experience with custom setups. The big problem with the TrimUI in the beginning if I recall right was mainly issues with the screen driver. If the A30 had a screen that works great, this could be a nice handheld if the price stays low. $45 is pretty low. If they keep it under $60 for the West I'll buy one for sure. Photo Leaks from Facebook: