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PowKiddy A20: Buy or Pass?

PowKiddy A20 Retro Game Handheld (Android) Based on all known information, I'm still "On The Fence" with this one. It looks like an "OK" buy for anyone interested in a cheap 6 face button handheld with moderate performance. I'll likely not buy one myself, but I'm keeping it on my list of possible future buys.  The PowKiddy A20 is on my list of potential buys but I've grown very cautious when it comes to PowKiddy products over time due to quality issues that plague nearly every handheld they release. An affordable 6 face button handheld is definitely attractive for things like old school SEGA Genesis and Arcade emulation.   Russ at posted a very "deep dive" look at the handheld which is a must watch for anyone interested in this handheld. It sounds like this handheld has some issues but issues are expected with PK devices. All in all, I think the PowKiddy A20 appears to be an "

Upcoming: PowKiddy A20 (Retro Handheld)

I'm not sure if we should get too excited about the PowKiddy A20 until they are out in the wild in numbers but the Analogue Pocket look-alike does look good on paper and performance-wise could be a notch above RK3326 devices.  The main reason I'm not particularly excited yet is the lack of quality control with most PowKiddy devices. If this one has the typical cheap buttons and PowKiddy rattle, it would need to be pretty cheap to be worth it.  The A20 is supposed to go into mass production at some point this month so we'll see them on the market pretty soon.  If the Specs remain the same as the test units floating around, this handheld running Android 9 should handle PSP, Dreamcast and N64 emulation better than RK3326 devices.  Anticipated Specs   -Amlogic S905D3 SoC -4 Core Cotex A55 CPU (1.9 GHz) -Mali G31MP2 GPU -2GB RAM  -8GB Internal Storage  -microSD Slot -3.5" IPS Display (640x480) -3.5mm Headphone Jack  -WiFi -Bluetooth  -USB-C Charging