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[Updated] Review: PocketGo S30 Retro Handheld

[Originally posted February 2021... Since this time,  I haven't had much luck with the S30. The cheap battery ended up leaking and damaging internal components rendering the device useless. The defective battery is not an isolated issue as numerous people have reported this issue.  For that reason, I'm dropping my score down to a 0/10 in 2022 especially since the manufacturer has abandoned the device. There's no reason to buy one in 2022 unless you are just into collecting... Post Not Edited other than adding a 0/10 2020 Score...] I was not impressed with the PocketGo S30 out of the box but with community support and development, this do change quickly in the retro emulation game...  Score Stock Out of the Box - 3/10 Using RGC Setup - 6.5/10 In 2022 -0/10 Retro Game Corps S30 Updated Guide Originally I scored the console a 5/10 using the RGC setup but that setup has been updated and drastically improved.  Is it worth $60? If you have small hands I'd say so. It does have

PocketGo S30 Support Increasing..

I was NOT a fan of the PocketGo S30 out of the box but community and developer support is starting to pick up speed quite a bit. Between this and the work Retro Game Corps is doing with the S30 I'll likely have re-evaluate my thoughts on the system some time in February. Hit the link below for some information on updates in the works...

Quick Look Inside the PocketGo S30

I'm not a big fan of the PocketGo S30 but I am a fan of how it looks. Very easy to disassemble too. I'm thinking about replacing the tinny speaker at some point on it.  

PocketGo S30 First Look Review (Retro Handheld Game Console)

Score Stock Out of the Box - 3/10 Using RGC Setup - 5/10 This was a tough console to review. If there becomes a way to flash a drastically better Firmware in the future, it could be drastically improved. I plan to keep messing around with it in the future. There is potential here if something could be done with the OS and front end.  Screen: 3.5 inch 480x320 IPS CPU: Quad Core 1.2GHZ All Winner A33 CPU GPU: Mali400 MP2 RAM: 512MB Storage: External MicroSD Battery: 2600 The PocketGo S30 is 8BitDo/SNES aesthetic knockoff consoles out of China. I feel like at first glance the shell of the system is a lot higher quality of a build than the PocketGo and PocketGo v2 are but you are also paying more. Of all the systems I felt running Gameboy Advance looked and felt the best. Just between the awful speaker, light leak issues out of the box, a terrible front-end, I just can't highly suggest it. It sounds a lot better using headphones though.  Straight out of the box,

Pi Inside a SNES Controller

Lots of talk about the PocketGo S30 Retro game console lately but how about a Pi with screen  inside an actual SNES controller? Check out the link below. I'm still waiting on my S30 to arrive and came across this awesome idea on YouTube.

Still Waiting on the PocketGo S30

Still patiently waiting on the PocketGo S30 I ordered to arrive.... hoping to get it by next week at the latest. USPS has been very unreliable lately.  A few reviews on the system have started popping up and they arent overly positive.  From what I'm seeing the disappointing issues may be with build quality and poor viewing angles with the screen. I'm still keeping a mostly open mind about it since it only cost $60 (the price of a new game these days) and the form factor is great looking.

Ordered a PocketGo S30 for $59.99

I was originally on the fence with the PocketGo S30. First run handhelds from this company have issues but for $59.99 on sale I decided to give this one a shot. Hopefully I don't have to wait to long to receive it. The primary selling factor for me was the stacked shoulder buttons and the form factor (looks like a 8BitDo controller with a screen).   Pre-orders have been live for this for over a week now over at retromimi who I hadn't ordered from the past so we'll see how that goes.  The specs are a bit underwhelming but I'm hoping form factor and stacked shoulder buttons are satisfying enough to make up for that. Look for an unbiased review of my findings in the near future. S30 Specification: Screen: 3.5 inch 480x320 IPS CPU: Quad Core 1.2GHZ All Winner A33 CPU GPU: Mali400 MP2 RAM: 512MB Storage: External MicroSD Battery: 2600 mAh