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Playdate Handheld Pre-Orders Start in July

I'm not sure if I'm interested in Playdate at $179 (Not including taxes and shipping) but it's still an interesting handheld to keep an eye on. It looks like it will finally be available for pre-order in July.  While the price is a BIT steep, the tiny handheld does appear to be well built and well designed.  From everything seen, quality will likely not be an issue. For the price you get the Playdate, a cable, user guide and access to 24 indie type games (2 per week for four months).  A magnetic screen cover will run you $29 and it looks like there is a stereo dock in the works.  A B&W non backlit screen and underwhelming specs doesn't excite me too much at this price point. I think the only thing that could sell me on this system is if the games coming out for it are really good and designing games for it is easy. Buying one once you include taxes and shipping will run you slightly more than a DS Lite. That seems like a tough sell to me. I wouldn't mind having