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PieReader Gives Vintage Gamers a 100% Legal Online Multi-player Option

I've been keeping an eye on PiePacker and PieReader projects and have to say the potential is definitely very interesting.  PiePacker is a service with licensed online multiplayer games and PieReader is hardware that allows you to plug in old cartridges and play them online with a friend (only one player needs the cartridge).  A separate adapter will be needed for different consoles. What I really like about the PieReader project is that this is a 100% legal way to play an old game with a friend online and not grey area legally like ROMs are... The sad thing is that this is coming at a time when purchasing retro/vintage cartridges has gone way up in price (due to social distancing and the pandemic) but this does offer a cool way to play an old cartridge with friends and only one of you needs the cartridge for it to work.  We are currently less than 9 days away from the launch of the Kickstarter for this project!  April 20th is when backing the pr