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PiBoy XRS: A Great Handheld Gaming Option Coming In February 2022

I'm interested in the PiBoy CM4x which is expected to release in February but the strange 1:1 screen is a little odd. Experimental Pi also has the PiBoy XRS releasing but with a smaller 3.5" 640x480 screen which is more geared towards most retro gaming platforms. The price on the XRS is $149.95 + the cost of a Pi board which isn't too bad. The XRS is definitely on my radar and high on  the top 10 list upcoming handheld options. Technical specs and images below... Other Upcoming Handhelds:

New PiBoy CM4X Photo Floating Around.

  PiBoy CM4X Expected Release: February 2022 It definitely looks a bit different than I was expecting and not even close to the original renders. Kind of a strange screen size (4" 720x720) but it could work great with a range of platforms. No word on exact price yet!  To keep an eye on developments with this handheld I highly suggest subscribing to ETAPRIME on YouTube where this handheld will likely be heavily covered. VS. Original Render:  image from RetroDodo Specs: +Orientation: Landscape  +OS: RetroPie +Emulation Power: Up to "some" GameCube +SoC: (CM4) Broadcom BCM2711 +CPU: Cortex-A72 +CPU Cores: Quad +CPU Clock Speed: 1.5GHz +Architecture: ARM +GPU: Broadcom VideoCore  VI +GPU Clock Speed: 500 MHz +RAM: 1, 2, 4 or 8GB +Screen Size: 4" IPS Tempered Glass +Screen Ratio: 1:1 720x720 +PPI: 254.56 +Battery: 4500 mAh +Cooling: Heatsink, Fan, Ventilation Cu