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PS2 Emulation: AetherSX2 (Free Emulator) Beta Coming Soon on Android

It looks like AetherSX2, a free PS2 (PlayStation 2) emulator for Android, will be moving out of Alpha testing, and into public Beta testing within a couple weeks.  This could be potentially huge news especially with so many capable Android handhelds coming out lately.  Check out the video from Taki: Reportedly this emulator had the best performance of any PS2 emulator on Android and will cost the big price of $0. That sounds a lot better to me than the Damon PS2 Pro app which runs a whopping $9.99 or free (stuffed with ads) and has fairly poor performance.  I'm definitely looking forward to checking out the Beta of this new option in a couple weeks. The PlayStation 2 is notorious for being very difficult to emulate well so this is definitely an interesting development.  github link:

Upcoming $199 Handheld That Can Emulate PS2? (Rumor)

You never know about rumors but this one is from a good source.  Rumors swirling on #Facebook about a new handheld. If the source (Taki) is correct and he seems to always be from what I've seen. A new $199 #retro #handheld is on the horizon. Can handle #PS2Emulation. #Vita style d-pad, #snapdragon855, #IGG campaign soon. We'll have see..