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AOKZOE A1 Giveaway Link

 It looks like AOKZOE is giving away one A1 to a lucky winner in August! There has been some questions raised about the d-pad by people who have hands on time with it,  but it still appears to be an interesting and powerful option.  Link to Enter: AOKZOE A1 SPECS

AYANEO Air Official Pricing

 The AYANEO Air pricing honestly came out pretty reasonable starting at $499 (Early Bird Pricing) and $549 afterwards up to $649.  I have to admit their pricing structure on the Air was lower than I was expecting. With a touch OLED screen,  friendlier size than the Steam Deck and decent pricing,  I think this will be a real competitor. I don't expect battery life to be optimal in such a small package though....

AYANEO Air Pricing Possibly Revealed Converted into USD, this works out to be around $650 which does put the AYANEO Air in a price range to compete with Valve's Steam Deck if $650 is the final price.  It has not appeared on the English site as of yet so this price is still just a guess...  Hopefully we find out a lot more about the Air later this week... AYANEO promised a friendlier price with the Air and it looks like that's being delivered. Pre-ordering is expected to open up on May 20th.  $650 may also possibly be just the reserve price with  more to pay afterwards. We'll find out in a couple days either way... Via:

The WB Batman Collection (Humble Bundle) Game Bundle: Another Steam Deck Library Building Option

We are still a couple months away from the launch of Valve's Steam Deck , but it's never too late to build up a Steam game library on the cheap. $10 (or more) towards the "WB Batman Collection Game Bundle" nets you 8 games including:  *Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition *LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham *Batman: Arkham Origins *Batman: Arkham VR *Batman: Arkham City: GOTY Edition *LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes *Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition *LEGO Batman: The Video Game  With the exception of Batman: Arkham VR, these are great additions to any Steam library for $10 (or more).  This bundle currently is available for 8 more days. I'm not a huge fan of the LEGO games at this point as the franchise seems "played out" and repetitive, but the Arkham series is a "must play" series for any gamer. Comic based video games are rarely great but this series was amazing.   T

Eneba Is Great For Building Up a Steam Deck Library (Cheap)

I already use places like Humble Bundle and Fanatical but decided to check out Eneba for the first time and was not disappointed. Picked up 8 games and some DLC for a total of $6.35. In essence Eneba is a marketplace where people sell unused Steam keys and other keys for cheap prices. I was a little skeptical but dropping a little over $6 bucks wasn't too big of a risk and every key I bought worked.  Over time I'm trying add extra options to my Steam Deck lineup and with this transaction added Enclave, Two Worlds, Two Worlds II, Atari Vault, Topware RPG Collection, Fallout, Disciples III and X-Blades to the library. Not bad at all!  I'm still stuck in the Q1 2022 Steam Deck club so I still have at least 3 months to wait.  These games were all GLOBAL keys and activated on Steam using a US account. 

Handheld Gaming PC on Steroids: OneGX 1 Pro

The future of handheld PC gaming looks like its starting to really ramp up... it comes at a big price tag though (and likely worth it). If you haven't checked out the OneGX 1 Pro model from One-Netbook you need to do so now but break out the checkbook too.  Hit the link below for specs: Unfortunately for me this is way outside my budget but I'm hoping to at least get to check one out one day. The tech advances and manufacturing advances going on now will likely increase the quality of lower end options as well.  As I'm more geared towards retro gaming this beast would be a bit of overkill but I still want to check one out. Only thing I notice that I don't like for sure is the button style d-pad.