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PAC-MAN 99 Is Better & Worse Than Reviewers Are Saying

So far I like PAC-MAN 99 but it's not the 8/10 or 9/10 game a lot of reviewers are raving about. In a lot of ways its a step backwards for the "99" Series. I think if I were to do a full review on it, I'd think about scoring it somewhere around a 7/10 tops.  Oddly a lot of reviewers who are wildly praising the game complain that it doesn't have a tutorial explaining mechanics. Personally I find that to be a positive. Do reviewers even remember when games didn't have tutorials and you had to figure out the mechanics by playing and figuring it out? Probably not I'm guessing.  I also find it a bit bizarre for people to review a game they don't understand the mechanics of.. As a 40th anniversary to a game that didn't have a tutorial built in, I find it to be appropriate to not have one here. It seems a lot of reviewers struggled to figure out the strategy mechanics etc but it's really need not that hard to figure out after an hour or tw