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Upcoming Nintendo Switch Releases - April, 2021

Nothing for me this month but April releases on the Switch aren't terrible... The headliner is definitely New Pokémon Snap.  While the Nintendo Switch is a "modern" console I consider it to be an excellent retro gaming option as the library is already loaded with great options from the past. It's a great blend of old and new on the go. If you aren't worried about bricking a system they can be hacked too... Next month there are 4 noteworthy games hitting the Switch library: Star Wars Republic Commando   April 6 $14.99 Republic Commando is a tactical FPS game that originally came out the Xbox and Windows back in 2005. I thought the game was decent but not great. I'd probably give it a 70/100 score if I was reviewing it. The sequel to the game was canceled and never made. It's definitely worth playing for the story (despite no longer being Canon thanks to the Disney overlords) but I don't think I'd pay $14.99. Despite being a big Star Wars