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N64 Emulation Not Great on Nintendo Switch According to Many

I haven't taken the dive into the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service yet myself. A handful of N64 and Genesis games on an annually  repeating $30 and up premium subscription with no major improvements to the overall Switch Online experience seems like highway robbery to me. One day down and there seems to be widespread chatter on the. Net about how the N64 emulation is on the shabby side which makes this even more disappointing. For the price, Nintendo really needed to hit the emulation quality out of the park.  The service just went live yesterday so there's time to see if they patch things and improve quality... In addition to those issues, it sounds like button layouts, framerate drops, input lag and more are big issues with the expensive service. What Others Are Saying:

N64 & Genesis Launch Titles for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Plan

Available October 25 2021 If you are underwhelmed by the N64 offerings with the new Expansion Pack Plan which will run you about $30/year extra on top of the regular online plan, I don't blame you at all. There's really no point in discussing the Genesis offerings as  SEGA Genesis Classics has been available since late 2018 on the Switch. I picked up a copy for $14.99 myself.  SEGA Genesis Day 1 Games:  Castlevania: Bloodlines Contra: Hard Corps Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine Ecco the Dolphin Golden Axe Gunstar Heroes Ristar Shining Force Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Streets of Rage 2 MUSHA Phantasy Star 4 Shinobi 3 Strider There are some good N64 offerings at launch (whether it's worth it or not is very debatable) and they include:  Dr. Mario 64 Mario Kart 64 Mario Tennis Sin & Punishment Star Fox 64 Super Mario 64 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time WinBack: Covert Operations Yoshi’s Story Nintendo does plan to add more and m

Review: Retro-Bit Tribute N64 USB Controller

Retro-Bit Tribute N64 USB Controller Review  Overall Score: 8.5/10 I was never a huge fan of the Nintendo 64 Controller although I liked certain aspects of it and I was a big fan of the N64.  The Retro-Bit Tribute N64 USB controller had been sitting in my eBay watchlist for a while and decided to go ahead and buy it for $18.95 (Free Shipping) on a whim to test out on Mac, PC, and Nintendo Switch.  The MSRP for the controller is $24.99. Photos of mine in this review are unedited and straight off the camera as is.  The Good  A more modern design that's easier to use than the original N64 controller depending on your preferences.  Large thumb-stick.  Rumble Pak compatible.  Layout is close enough to the original that gameplay with it feels authentic.  Two Z buttons (one can easily be programmed for a new function.  Lightweight But Sturdy.  Controller immediately recognized by OSX, Windows 10 or Nintendo Switch. The Bad:  The controller is very small and almost cramped for

Games I'm Playing This Week

What I'm Playing This Week  I'm often bouncing around from device to device playing a wide array of games (retro and modern) each week.  It's been a bit of a busy week so far so haven't got a ton of games in.  I had planned on reviewing the RG351V that I ordered on the 7th but here we are 18 days later and I still don't have it.  It's apparently sitting at some distribution center in Kentucky now.  I think I'm done with anything that ends up in DHL's hands that's important.  They are the absolute worst.  For the most part, I'm playing Persona 5 Strikers on the Nintendo Switch each day.  That's a game I bought just because it was Persona but thought I wouldn't like it despite being a big fan of both Persona and Dynasty Warriors.  Surprisingly I actually love the game. I'm only 12 hours of gameplay in so have quite a ways to go.   The retro game I'm playing this week is Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire on the Nintendo 64 (N64).  The

Paper Mario (Nintendo 64) Turned 20 Today (NA)

Hard to believe 20 years have gone past since Paper Mario (N64) came out in North America but its 100% true. I recently replayed the game and it has mostly held up well over the years despite how easy the game is unlike a lot of 64 gamers which haven't aged very well. I was reminded of the anniversary in my Twitter feed earlier. Paper Mario was an interesting move away from the traditional Mario formula as a single-player RPG. The Nintendo 64 library as everyone knows did not include many RPGs at all. Maybe this was the best Role Playing Game on the system.  The puzzles in the game were probably a little too easy and overall strategy for the game was minimal. Despite being an extremely easy game it was still interesting enough to be really good and also very accessible to gamers who have no experience in RPGs.  Link to old IGN Paper Mario Review (2001)