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Retro Deal: NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro 22% Off at Amazon

Currently on Amazon, the NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro seems to be dropping in price down to $101.40 with free delivery for Prime members. (Link includes no affiliate codes and I do not benefit from this post. Copied and pasted from browser). If you are like me NeoGeo was too expensive back in the day but its moderately affordable to get into the action all these years later.  The NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro has 20 built in games. This controller works with PC, Android and the NeoGeo Mini Console if you don't want to use this as standalone console.  I have a feeling the price will not get much lower than this. According to the research I've been able to dig up it hasn't gone below $99 ever. Included Titles 1.THE KING OF FIGHTERS '95 / 2.THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 / 3.THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 / 4.THE KING OF FIGHTERS '99 / 5.THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2000 / 6.THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002

New SNK (NeoGEO) Game Console Dropping In 2021

  Fairly cryptic and light on info Tweet from SNK but it looks like they are releasing a new console in 2021? Another NEOGeo mini just with a lot more functionality or something? It’s hard to tell. Online functionality with Vs. matches are definitely implied with this teaser.  A brand-new console is coming from SNK in 2021! A system to bridge the needs between passionate fans and console gaming enthusiasts! #SNK — SNK GLOBAL (@SNKPofficial) December 15, 2020