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M64PlusFZ: Optimal Settings On The Retroid Pocket 2 Plus

So far, everything I've tested on the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus when it comes to N64 emulation,  I'm getting the best results from M64PlusFZ. I use the M64PlusFZ Pro app on my phone and RP2+ but the regular app can be optimized in the same way. On the original RP2, I used mostly RetroArch and N64oid but it looks like M64PlusFZ is the way to go this time. Make sure to delete the stock M64 app that came with the RP2+ and install the app clean from the Play Store which includes updates specifically for the RP2+. Overall,  I was very pleased with my tinkering and could get good results even at 2X with some games but there are still issues in  games with bugs apparently caused by compatibility issues with the GPU, but are improved by getting the latest Play Store M64PlusFZ app. I came across a Reddit thread by FZurita (the developer of the emulator), tried out his suggested settings, and they beat my

Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64) Running Well on Retroid Pocket 2.5 PCB Upgrade

Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64) on Retroid Pocket 2.5 Conker's Bad Fur Day ran poorly on the Retroid Pocket 2. Some N64 games actually ran well on the RP2 too but many struggled. *Keep in mind emulation on its own is perfectly legal. Downloading, distributing or buying/selling ROMs is not. Posts like this one are for informational and research purposes.  Another interesting test video from Taki with the Retroid Pocket 2.5 (Retroid Pocket 2 Plus) PCB Upgrade which will be available to purchase on Friday at GoRetroid . We should also be seeing the Retroid Pocket 3 dropping in the near future! Considering the less than stellar N64 Emulation Performance on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo should really consider hiring the Android based developers who seem to squeeze more out games. Nintendo has been missing out on the big potential cash-in for N64 games for a while now. We'll see how the future goes and if Nintendo will patch their service and get things going. Most people would gladly

N64 Emulation Not Great on Nintendo Switch According to Many

I haven't taken the dive into the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service yet myself. A handful of N64 and Genesis games on an annually  repeating $30 and up premium subscription with no major improvements to the overall Switch Online experience seems like highway robbery to me. One day down and there seems to be widespread chatter on the. Net about how the N64 emulation is on the shabby side which makes this even more disappointing. For the price, Nintendo really needed to hit the emulation quality out of the park.  The service just went live yesterday so there's time to see if they patch things and improve quality... In addition to those issues, it sounds like button layouts, framerate drops, input lag and more are big issues with the expensive service. What Others Are Saying:

Retroid Pocket 2 N64 Emulation Profiles

Of all the "budget" sub $100 retro handhelds, I still get the best performance out of the Retroid Pocket 2. Fortunately the Retroid Pocket 2.5 and 3 are coming out later this year which should provide a boost to N64 performance.  'Rickymortal' on Reddit recently went through the trouble of posting a large number of N64 games and the best setting to use: I've checked out a handful of games using his settings and they seem to check out. If you are just getting started in the retro handheld arena, Reddit communities are one of the best places to start when it comes to getting information on retro handhelds.  My favorite communities on Reddit for information include: