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Today in Gaming History - Warriors: Legends of Troy (Xbox 360/PS3)

Ten years ago today, Warriors: Legends of Troy came out on the Xbox 360 (and PS3).  This was around the time I got out of game writing but was still gaming a lot. This game brings to mind the disservice to gaming a lot of game review outlets were doing during that era where highly anticipated games were almost always overrated and smaller niche games like this were trashed by the game media.  Warriors: Legends of Troy was a perfect example of the game reviewers hammering a game for taking risks and that's why a lot of game companies are afraid to take risks. After the smoke settled with reviews, the game currently sits at a 44/100 Metascore which to me is pretty disgusting. If I had reviewed the game it would have been closer to a 70.  It had flaws but it wasn't a terrible game. The user score is a 7.3/10 which is more realistic. Reviews are obviously very subjective but they were particularly biased towards big budget marketing during the PS3/360 era.