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Miyoo P60 Specs

  The Miyoo P60 is an upcoming device from Miyoo expected to release this summer at some point. Specs are assumed and could change when released. The first place it will become available is on the AliExpress Miyoo Official Store: MIYOO Official Store Miyoo P60 Assumed Specs  Brand: Miyoo Form Factor: Landscape  OS: Android 9 Emulation Performance: Should Handle Up to PSP/Dreamcast With No Problems And "Some" PS2 Using AetherSX2  SoC: MediaTek Helio P60 CPU: Cortex-A73 (4x), Cortex-A53 (4x) CPU Cores: 8 CPU Threads: 8  CPU Clock Speed: 2.0 GHz Architecture: ARM GPU: Mali-G72 MP3 GPU Clock: 800 MHz RAM: 3GB DDR4 Screen: 5:3 Aspect 4" IPS Touch-Screen 800x480 (256.12 PPI) Battery: 4000 mAh Cooling: Air Vents D-pad: Upper Cross Analogs: Dual Lower Thumb-sticks w/ R3/L3 Face Buttons: 4 Shoulder Buttons: 4 side by side Other Buttons: Home, Back, Power Charging: USB-C (Top) Storage: 32GB Internal eMCP, External microSD Connectivity: Bluetooth,