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Upcoming Game Handhelds For August 2022

Game Handheld Releases For August 2022 ***Update August 4: The Retroid Pocket 3 pre-order is now expected to start today: .  [9PM EST] ***Update August 12: It appears the PowKiddy X28 may be close to releasing. No official release date announced but it could be soon... *** August 16: Confirmed the KT-R1C is on sale in China. Should open up for orders in the West before long at (site not live yet)... Game handheld releases are hard to predict due to supply chain problems and parts shortages, so most release dates should be considered tentative not concrete.  August 2022 In Game Handheld Releases KT-R1C KT-R1C (aka KT R1C) is currently on pace for the metal versions to possibly be ready for pre-order by mid-month and ship out in September. There is no firm date set as of now . Update: The KT-R1C as of August 16 is on sale in China (no word on when sales in the West will open up).   This handheld has quickly made it to the top of my most wanted device list recen

Miyoo P60: New Photos

 More and more photos of the interesting Miyoo P60 have been surfacing this week. My only hesitation with the hansheld is the 5:3 aspect screen but at the same time,  that adds to the uniqueness..   Photos from the Retro Handhelds Discord Server:

Started A Miyoo P60 Sub-Reddit

The Miyoo P60 should be releasing at some point in the next few months. I went ahead and started a new Sub-Reddit to start discussing this new handheld. This is a Day 1 buy from me! If you have any interest,  definitely check out the sub:

5 Upcoming Retro Game Handhelds: Quick Notes

5 Upcoming Retro Game Handhelds I'm Most Likely To Buy  Things are moving almost too fast to keep up with these days in the game handheld arena. A lot of upcoming options aren't really "retro handhelds" and are more like powerful handheld PCs, but they can be used just like a retro handheld so I'll count it. All in all, I have 5 upcoming handhelds high up on my radar.  Here's some quick notes and links on my choice of upcoming handhelds to keep an eye on in the near future... (Some Specs are Speculative Until Final Product Occurs). Having a Steam Deck also really lowers my need for the real powerful handhelds, so I'm likely to focus a lot on budget stuff over the next year... Game Handhelds I'm 100% Definitely Buying:  #1 Retroid Pocket 3 (RP3) RP3 Same Power as the RP2+ But With Potentially More RAM Android 9 Handles Up To PSP/Dreamcast With No Problem and Can Dabble in PS2/GameCube/Wii Emulation With OK Results With Some Games  4.7" 16:9 IPS Tou

Miyoo P60: Upcoming Handheld I'm Interested In The Most

 Update: As of August 1 2022, the Miyoo P60 appears to still be delayed due to software testing issues according to Miyoo... There are quite a few handhelds still coming out this year, but none have my interest as much as the Miyoo P60 due to pocketability and Miyoo's dedication to improving their products.  Prior to the Miyoo Mini, I didn't have a lot of confidence in products that Miyoo was involved in like the PocketGo S30 and BittBoy handhelds, but they've proven they are invested in supporting their products with the Mini which has drastically improved since the day it released.  While a lot of companies like Anbernic  have products that have crept up into premium level pricing, the P60 looks to be headed towards budget pricing and will likely compete with the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus and Retroid Pocket 3.    We've been talking about the P60 for a while now too. It seems the delay in release has to do with Miyoo ironing out some software issues which is honestly great

Miyoo P60: Potential Good Option? (Retro Handheld)

*Image from Retro Game Handhelds Discord... There's a little buzz around the upcoming Miyoo P60 but I'm remaining cautious about any excitement.  Miyoo is the same company who manufactured the RK2020, BittBoy/PocketGo and PocketGo S30 none of which I was a big fan of. The S30 while not great out of the box became "ok" using the custom "Simple30" workaround from the community.  It appears the P60 is jumping into Android territory and should is considerably more powerful than their previous handhelds. At this point in retro handhelds it looks like a mid-grade tier handheld so should have a competitive price and be a main competitor for the Retroid Pocket 3.  On paper this handheld does look like a good upgrade over RK3326 devices performance wise and should be able to handle N64 and PSP emulation along with pretty good GameCube results. Quality has been an issue with their devices in the past so whether this becomes a good option will come down to