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Added a Miyoo Mini Information Page

  I decided to add a permanent Miyoo Mini information page to collect all the important information, links to setup guides, etc. All in one place. If there's any links you think should be added to this work in progress, feel free to comment below! The Miyoo Mini has quickly become my favorite sub $60 retro handheld option. 

My Miyoo Mini V2 Arrived (Blue)

Miyoo Mini V2 FTW w/ Photos  Finally got my hands on the 2nd version of the Miyoo Mini today. Arriving in a Miyoo branded case was a nice touch although I do like to have boxes. Can't do unboxing photos so guess this will be uncasing photos.  Included is the case which is a pretty decent and protective one,  the V2 Miyoo Mini, 32GB microSD card (w/Firmware etc on it), small USB-C cable, manual and a USB card reader. I wouldn't suggest using that card reader unless it's your only option. Same goes for the included card.  I plan to install a fresh MinUI custom Firmware (CFW) on my own card and get started on testing this one out so I can post a review by the weekend. I'll be following the guide from Retro Game Corps like I do with most handhelds.  After that,  I'm just waiting on some face buttons from SakuraRetroModding to give it a more custom look. I purchased

Miyoo Mini Custom Buttons on Etsy

 SakuraRetroModding has put an assortment of custom face buttons and shell stickers up for pre-order on Etsy. I've never been disappointed with a purchase from SRM.  I have a blue V2 Miyoo Mini on the way and opted for "Pink Clear" face buttons which should be a pretty cool contrast of colors. Can't wait to receive the Mini V2 and buttons to customize it.   Look what I found on Etsy:

Ordered A V2 Miyoo Mini

  I went ahead and ordered a V2 Miyoo Mini in blue this time. It looks a lot better than the toothpaste white V1 version I'm using now.  The V2 has a better screen,  improved d-pad/face button action and slightly better battery Performance, so it was hard to say no. Hopefully I receive it within 3-4 weeks so I can let you know.  I feel like the V2 still at the sub $60 pricepoint with a few slight improvements paired with the much improved OnionOS CFW will likely bump things up to a 9/10 type Score from me.