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Miyoo Mini 2 (Horizontal) Prototype Photo [Maybe]

 A new image started floating around showing off what might be the Miyoo Mini Horizontal. There's no context or information, but the device in the photo below the old PocketGo certainly looks like a Miyoo device and is pretty similar to what was already known about the "Miyoo Mini Horizonta".  If this turns out to be the final product, I don't think it has the wow factor of the popular Miyoo Mini.  Source:

Miyoo Mini Horizontal SPECS [Upcoming Retro Handheld]

Miyoo Mini Horizontal SPECS Known So Far:  It seems like the Miyoo Mini Horizontal is a completely different handheld than the Miyoo Mini V1/V2/V3.  As such,  it will not run the wildly populad MiniUI or OnionOS custom options.  SPECS From Miyoo If the above Specs stand, it will be more powerful than the Miyoo Mini and will include a thumb-stick.  SoC: RK3128 (RGHANDHELDS.COM Estimate) OS: Linux CPU: 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 (4 Cores, 4 Threads) Architecture: ARM GPU: 500 MHz Mali-400 MP2 D-Pad: Upper Cross Thumb-stick: Single Lower Face Buttons: 4 Shell: Plastic Original Screen Shot Via   Related Posts: