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Return to Xbox (Picked Up A Xbox Series S)

Xbox Series S When it comes to console gaming,  I was solidly entrenched on Xbox with the Xbox 360, but moved on to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 becoming my primary consoles. After dragging my feet with the current generation of consoles, I've finally decided to go with an Xbox Series S. Unfortunately, it had been so long since I played Xbox LIVE games, my old account had been deleted by Microsoft along with all the precious Achievements (I actually don't care about Achievements), so I'm starting over from scratch.  What really sold me on the Xbox Series S was the guide on Retro Game Corps about turning it into a decent console for emulation: For $299 plus $54 for an extra controller,  all of a sudden the Xbox Series S in a pretty affordable emulation machine while also being good for modern gaming.  If you haven't read the RGC guide, it's a pretty simple process that