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PocketStar Now Funded [Tiny Micro Game Handheld w/ WiFi]

   It looks like the Arduino-compatible PocketStar has reached the funding goal on Kickstarter.  The matchbox sized handheld looks pretty cool but I feel like the "neat" but too tiny to actually be useful device trend needs to start slowing down. While it is pretty amazing to see this much tech in a tiny device,  I don't see much need for them.  If It does interest you,  you can fund one for around $50 and Up... I definitely think this device is cool and might be a nice addition to a collection for anyone who hasn't already jumped on board with similar devices. What does make this one interesting is that it has built-in WiFi.

TRIMUI Smart Micro Retro Handheld Out Now

TRIMUI is back with a new micro handheld called the TRIMUI Smart. I wasn't initially a fan of their previous device,  the TRIMUI Model S, but my stance changed a bit when custom options like MiniUI from the community drastically improved the device. It was a well built and rugged device.  Unfortunately, TRIMUI Model S didn't do that well initially and the device ended up in the hands of PowKiddy and rebranded as the A66. TRIMUI Model S Review Currently, the cheapest price I see for this device on AliExpress is $93.92 seems high for me at this stage in the game, but we'll see how things develop. The device does look like a quality build but I would have liked to see a lower price.   This micro handheld would be perfect for 8-bit/16-bit era emulation plus possibly even up to some PS1 given the Specs. We'll have to see if the price comes down at some point.  I liked the Model S enough,  I'd likely have no problem paying $60-ish for this handheld. $90+ given the current