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Review: Retro-Bit Tribute N64 USB Controller

Retro-Bit Tribute N64 USB Controller Review  Overall Score: 8.5/10 I was never a huge fan of the Nintendo 64 Controller although I liked certain aspects of it and I was a big fan of the N64.  The Retro-Bit Tribute N64 USB controller had been sitting in my eBay watchlist for a while and decided to go ahead and buy it for $18.95 (Free Shipping) on a whim to test out on Mac, PC, and Nintendo Switch.  The MSRP for the controller is $24.99. Photos of mine in this review are unedited and straight off the camera as is.  The Good  A more modern design that's easier to use than the original N64 controller depending on your preferences.  Large thumb-stick.  Rumble Pak compatible.  Layout is close enough to the original that gameplay with it feels authentic.  Two Z buttons (one can easily be programmed for a new function.  Lightweight But Sturdy.  Controller immediately recognized by OSX, Windows 10 or Nintendo Switch. The Bad:  The controller is very small and almost cramped for