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M64PlusFZ: Optimal Settings On The Retroid Pocket 2 Plus

So far, everything I've tested on the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus when it comes to N64 emulation,  I'm getting the best results from M64PlusFZ. I use the M64PlusFZ Pro app on my phone and RP2+ but the regular app can be optimized in the same way. On the original RP2, I used mostly RetroArch and N64oid but it looks like M64PlusFZ is the way to go this time. Make sure to delete the stock M64 app that came with the RP2+ and install the app clean from the Play Store which includes updates specifically for the RP2+. Overall,  I was very pleased with my tinkering and could get good results even at 2X with some games but there are still issues in  games with bugs apparently caused by compatibility issues with the GPU, but are improved by getting the latest Play Store M64PlusFZ app. I came across a Reddit thread by FZurita (the developer of the emulator), tried out his suggested settings, and they beat my