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Logan Paul's Destruction of 15 Game Boy Color Consoles Was Obnoxious

While I'm not sure how angry people should be about this (some on Twitter are pretty mad) stunt (last month) by Logan Paul. But I think it's certainly obnoxious to destroy 15 Game Boy Colors to make a table top. From a practical standpoint, destroying 15 functional GBCs to make a table top is about $900+ worth of consoles plus the other materials. Paul's comeback is that these are mass produced items and there are plenty of them out there,  but I think that's missing the point at how wasteful and privileged his little project was.  As someone who supports the preservation of gaming history,  I definitely was not impressed with this stunt... At the same time,  I think the faux level rage should be tempered considering rage is probably the response as an attention seeker, he was looking for.