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Anbernic RG353P Specs Now Officially Confirmed

  The specs on the RG353P are now officially confirmed by Anbernic and are not far off from what rumors indicated. I'm still not a big fan of the look and it doesn't look very comfortable to me, but there are some pluses to the system if the price ends up being good.  The biggest pluses I think are that it will be a dual boot system (Linux and Android), developers already have their hands on the system so custom firmware options should happen faster than usual, and I like that it has a 4:3 screen (4:3 is the best size for most classic gaming options) when so many devices lately are wide-screen. The SoC on the RG353 should be able to handle PSP, N64, Dreamcast, etc. easily which is a bump up from the 351 series. This SoC is the same as the RG503 but hopefully with a less messy OS setup. I was not not a fan of the PocketGo S30 which this one closely resembles but we'll see what happens. I expect this one to be available very soon.  The 4:3 screen being a touch-screen is also

Miyoo Mini Review (Micro Retro Game Handheld)

Guides: [UPDATE 1/10/22: The 4th official update from Miyoo drastically improves the screen and audio. The score I'd say now should be updated to 8.5/10.  They are tough to find,  so definitely keep an eye out on the next Miyoo restock.] [UPDATE 12/28: The 3rd Update from Miyoo moderately improves audio issues and RetroArch settings now take effect, so improvements have happened.  It looks like Miyoo used some code from Shaun Inman's work in the new update (without anyone knowing)]  *Using Update 20211226, I'm upgrading my Score on the Miyoo Mini from a 7.8/10 to a 8/10 .  Hopefully we see even more improvements in the near future...There are issues with RA Autosaves crashing games and an assortment of oddities but the latest firmware is an improvement. Some good CFW is really needed. Also appears some emulators are not utilizing screen resolution yet as they are using upscaling to the resolution, but the scali

Review: GameForce RK3326 Handheld (CHI)

Overall Score - 8.3/10 There's a lot to like about the GameForce and some things to not like but the high res 4:3 screen on a horizontal RK3326 device with awesome ergonomics make this one a great 4:3 option just slightly behind the 351V overall .  GameForce Gaming Handheld CPU: ROCK-CHIP RK3326 Quad-core Cortex-A35 up to 1.5Ghz GPU: Mali-G31MP2 Memory: 1GB DDR3L Screen: 3.45 inches TFT IPS screen, non OCA Resolution 640X480, Response time 10-15ms, Viewing angle 85 degree Charge and Data port: USB-Type C Charging voltage: 5V. 2A Battery: 3000 mAh Memory Card support: TF card, up to 512GB WiFi: WiFi Built-in, 2.4Ghz band Backlights: 7 Colors LEDs Dual Speakers Dual Joysticks (ALPS, same as PS VITA) Dual Vibration Motors System: EmuELEC and RetroArch (Officially supported by EmuELEC with a 4.1 build specific to the GameForce) Scores are always fairly arbitrary when going from reviewer to reviewer and subjective. I often debate whether to even use them but 8.3/10 is my est