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Pre-Installed ROMs on Retro Handhelds Needs to Stop

The majority of retro handhelds from overseas come with pre-installed ROMs as part of the marketing sales pitch and that needs to stop at some point.  Game system emulation on its own is a legally protected right and brings many benefits to the community such as preserving video game history,  giving open source developers an arena to display their programming skills and ways to play games you already own in different ways.  It's also a great arena for homebrew and independent games creating an opportunity for almost anyone to create their own games.  Anbernic, PowKiddy and all the well known manufacturers and distributors of these devices do it and hopefully they will discontinue the practice at some point as it jeopardizes the hobby in the long run.  Here's an excellent article concerning the legality of distributing ROMs: Laws concerning copyright certainly change from location to