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KTR-R1 Is A Handheld to Watch (KTR1)

October 30 UPDATE Click HERE KTR-R1   Estimated Launch: Indiegogo (crowdfunded) in late October and ships by December 2021.  Price: No word on price yet but it will not be below $200.  What was originally known as the "KTR1" back in 2020 is now known as the KTR-R1 and looks like it is definitely a handheld to keep a close eye on.  The KTR-R1 on paper appears to equally powerful as the Odin and more powerful than the Odin Lite. Interestingly it appears there will be at least 4+ model options with this handheld (analog stick above the d-pad and analog stick below the d-pad).  Running up to GameCube/Wii level emulation should be no problem with this device.   Source: There was a lot of excitement around this device last year but the excitement somewhat faded with long gaps between information about it trickling out. There's still a bit of a mystery around the device today too but it looks like it will definitely become real very soon