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KTR-R1 Update (KTR1) (Retro Handheld)

[SEE: . Name and Specs of device have changed. Expected March release] KTR-R1 image posted by Jutleys on Discord ( Rumors still point to "Soon" but it's really hard to know what's going on. Information on this handheld since it was originally runored in 2020 has been sporadic. It's definitely not vaporware but development has been dragging on for quite a while.  Upcoming Handhelds List (+Historical) Updated From A Previous Post: KTR-R1   Estimated Launch: Indiegogo (crowdfunded "Soon" and ships by December 2021??? Price: No word on price yet but it will not be below $200.  What was originally known as the "KTR1" back in 2020 is now known as the KTR-R1 and looks like it is definitely a handheld to keep a close eye on.  The KTR-R1 on paper appears to equally powerful as the Odin and more powerful than the Odin Lite. Interestingly it appears there will be at least 4+ mo