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KT R1 Retro Handheld Expected To Hit Indiegogo Soon

October Update: The KTR R1 as it is now known is expected to hit Indiegogo by November.  My interest in the KT R1  retro handheld has faded over time but it's still high up on my watch list.  The KT R1 generated a lot of chatter last year as a potential Retroid Pocket 2 killer but development has been a slow process. It's expected to hit IndieGoGo as a pre-order by the end of this month but I wouldn't be surprised if it's August.  The expected price is $235 which is a bit higher than we were thinking it would be last year and the specs and actual housing have changed a bit. Information and developments have been a little slow on this handheld but it seems to be nearing actual production.   There are quite a few powerful handhelds coming out in the near future to keep an eye on. My current top 5 most anticipated handhelds in order from most to least anticipated at the moment are the Steam Deck, Odin, KT R1, Z-Pocket Game 2 and Retroid Pocket 3. I've alrea