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KT R1 Retro Handheld Updated Info Coming Soon

The KT R1 retro handheld was a hot topic of discussion towards the end of last year but we hadn't heard much about it in a while. I was starting to guess that it might sadly become vaporware but work is currently happening on the system and some updated information will be coming out by the end of the month.  Post from back in December: From the sounds of things what we do know with certainty as of today is that the screen for the KT R1 is a 4.5" 1620*1080 3:2 screen and the first working model will be produced by the end of June. So far it has just been renders that we've seem so at least we should be getting a look at a functioning handheld by next month.  The handheld looks an awful lot like the Retroid Pocket 2 in ways but will be drastically more powerful. I'm not too thrilled with a 3:2 screen ratio but at the size of 4.5 inches playing games in 4:3 on it shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully we ge