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KT R1 Prototype Housing Looks Thinner Than The Retroid Pocket 2

Progress with the KT R1 appears to be happening as some photos of the housing were shared by 'Lei' on Discord. While progress has been slow I think we'll be hearing more and more about this device as summer moves along. Originally seen as the probable main competitor to the Retroid Pocket 2 from last year, the KT R1 will now also be competing with the RP 2.5 and RP3. Price will definitely be a big factor and we don't have a clear idea of pricing for any of these yet.  I definitely like the form quite a bit if this is what the final product ends up like: 

Updated Developments With The KT R1 Handheld.

As promised by the developer of the KT R1 he has posted some notes on where things are headed with the highly anticipated handheld. Sounds like it is a ways off from physical release but progress is occurring. I'm definitely keeping an eye on further developments. I'm not the biggest fan of the 3:2 ratio and the resolution may cause some emulators issues jumping up that high but we'll see what happens. This is still a pretty exciting project to keep an eye on. Posted by timeisart on Discord:  New update from Niluanxy:  Seeing the title, there must be a bunch of people going to spray again. It's been half a year since I drew the pie, and the 199 next door has all prototypes. The result is still a pie. I dare to call it the strongest handheld. Then I will talk about what I have been doing in the next half of the year, why there has been no movement, whether the machine is drawing a pie, and whether it can be released. Let’