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Intellivision Amico Has Potential...

I'm often skeptical about consoles that aren't out yet especially ones that involved crowdfunding or a lot of pre-orders.  As someone who has kept an eye on crowdfunded consoles for a long time I can definitely say for every crowdfunded console that worked out, there are a lot that simple don't.   What's interesting about the Intellivision Amico is that I found myself thinking the same things that I thought about the Nintendo Wii before it was released.  For the record, I thought the Wii would be a failure and I deservedly got dragged for that and I turned out to be very wrong.  For a multitude of reasons, I find myself thinking that the Amico may end up more like the Wii than anything else.  As we all remember the Nintendo Wii caught on fire as the living room family console.  The marketing for the Amico is unmistakably very similar to that vibe and it may be coming out at the perfect time when home and retro gaming has picked up a lot of extra interest during the pand

GameStop Pushing Intellivision Amico Pre-Orders

We are still roughly 8 months away from the launch of the Intellivision Amico and GameStop is starting to market the console a little harder.  Image from Intellivision Facebook Ad  Still not really sure where I stand on the system. It looks pretty interesting but I'm not sure if I want to spend between $249.99 and $299.99 on one or not. Being a custom Android/Linux system mildly interests me if it ends up being something easily hacked or modified but might be pretty underpowered for the price. I definitely plan to keep an eye on developments though.