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10 Instagram Pages You Should Follow Today! (Gaming & More)

10 Pages To Follow On Instagram (IG) When it comes to social media, Instagram despite being owned by Facebook is still a more enjoyable place than Facebook and there are tons of interesting pages to follow especially in the retro gaming, modding, and cosplay realms. I find that those 3 categories work well together. There are more "not so great pages" than great ones so hopefully this list of suggestions can cut through that a bit.  The Retro Handheld Modders (4 Suggestions) A good place to start is with @boxypixel (Boxy Pixel) who creates some amazing machined handheld shells and parts. I haven't ordered anything yet myself but a Metal Unhinged Game Boy Advance is on my wishlist. The second stop for classic handheld game console modding should be @jellybellycustoms who os into collecting, modding, refurbishing and repairs with a lot of GBA options.  https://instag

Reached 500 Followers on Instagram

Started up my IG page that goes along with this blog back in December and just reached 500+ followers. Small milestone but I definitely appreciate reaching certain numbers. Hopefully I can hit 1000 within another few months. If I do I plan to do a giveaway to celebrate.  Follow Me On IG   Definitely looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings in the realm of retro handhelds. 2020 was a pretty big year for them. 

Upcoming $199 Handheld That Can Emulate PS2? (Rumor)

You never know about rumors but this one is from a good source.  Rumors swirling on #Facebook about a new handheld. If the source (Taki) is correct and he seems to always be from what I've seen. A new $199 #retro #handheld is on the horizon. Can handle #PS2Emulation. #Vita style d-pad, #snapdragon855, #IGG campaign soon. We'll have see..

Instagram Finds: Glowing GBC Gameboy Color by @jellybellycustoms

I have admired the incredible custom Gameboy Color mods by @jellybellycustoms on Instagram for a while now. I’ll definitely be ordering something in 2021. This glowing GBC Light is sick in a good way. Screen capture from IG.