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GBA Clone: Revo K101+

I find myself with a slight interest in the Revo K101Plus which is super niche being one of the few Gameboy Advance hardware clones out there.  They are currently still on AliExpress  for $76.98 + Shipping. Despite being a hardware clones that can also play ROMs and support cheat codes, I'm just not sure if $70+ is the price point I'd be willing to go. It's still pretty niche though. If I ever find one for around $50  I'm jumping on it though. We are just in an era where there are more options than time. I'm hearing the quality is there with this one though as a slight improvement over the original that came out a few years ago.  One thing can't be denied. The retro style consoles coming out of of China have us loaded with options nowadays. Manufacturer Description:  The Revo K101 Plus is a great new way to play your (GBA) Game Boy Advance games today. Either using the GBA game carts themselves or using ROM files with th