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10 Instagram Pages You Should Follow Today! (Gaming & More)

10 Pages To Follow On Instagram (IG) When it comes to social media, Instagram despite being owned by Facebook is still a more enjoyable place than Facebook and there are tons of interesting pages to follow especially in the retro gaming, modding, and cosplay realms. I find that those 3 categories work well together. There are more "not so great pages" than great ones so hopefully this list of suggestions can cut through that a bit.  The Retro Handheld Modders (4 Suggestions) A good place to start is with @boxypixel (Boxy Pixel) who creates some amazing machined handheld shells and parts. I haven't ordered anything yet myself but a Metal Unhinged Game Boy Advance is on my wishlist. The second stop for classic handheld game console modding should be @jellybellycustoms who os into collecting, modding, refurbishing and repairs with a lot of GBA options.  https://instag

Instagram Cosplayer To Follow: @leairis_artsy_stuff

Cosplay and gaming go hand in hand for many reasons. When I worked for the 1Up Network and Ziff Davis Media many moons ago, I often covered cosplay topics. It's more popular than ever and it's great seeing the widespread creativity and explosion of cosplay that has happened in recent years.  If you are looking to follow more creative cosplayers on Instagram, I plan to make a few posts here and there on the topic in the future. My first page suggestion below: Follow @leairis_artsy_stuff on IG Leairis Cross has a very very interesting and eclectic Instagram page you should be following. She has 46.6K followers currently and posts regularly. What I find interesting about her work is that she is a cosplayer but also an artist, does unboxings for interesting products and she creates some awesome sketches. Her posts are never dull!  Basically an all-around creative! Of the cosplay I have seen on her page, I'm probably the bi