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The Atari VCS Delay Didn't Make Game News Waves The Atari VCS delay likely caused by Covid-19 issues still seems like a bad sign when the delay didn't make waves in the news. Here we are in December and there's not much talk about it. You can pre-order the "All In" console for $399.99 at retailers like GameStop for a March, 2021 release.  I've been watching this project for a long time. The fact that it can dual boot into Windows or Linux makes it potentially an awesome system for retro gaming,  I have to wonder how well this console will do. The PS4 and new Xbox are immensely popular. $400 for the Atari might be a tough sell on an unknown. The launch library for the VCS is pretty weak too.  I guess we will just have to see how it goes. Sadly most of these crowdfunded projects ultimately don't do well.  The console potential looks interesting  so I'm still keeping an eye on it.  https://a