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Odroid Go Advance Black Friday Sale

Odroid Go Advance Black Friday Sale! HardKernel has temporarily dropped the price on two models of the Odroid Go Advance retro handheld down to $29.50 which is close to a steal on its own...  Unfortunately shipping from South Korea will raise up that price quite a bit depending on where you live. Shipping to where I'm at adds $26 making it a $55.50 buy which is still an "OK"  price for this capable handheld that you assemble yourself. I think i paid $55 + Shipping when I bought one. If I didn't already have one, this current price would be tempting.  I checked to see if the US Distributor ( ) had the same deal going on and they don't. Current price for an OGA there is $69.95 + Shipping.  This post does not contain any affiliate links and I do not benefit if you make a purchase. Odroid Go Advance Black Edition  https://www.har